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Photo album: Kap + Mauricio in 5K

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Photo album: Kap + Mauricio in 5K

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Description: This album is the combination of two photo galleries; one of Kap (his clips are due next month) and the other of Mauricio (you've seen him this month in "Mauricio hugged"). Both galleries are in 5K.
These galleries are special editions of their respective photos, not just for the high-quality color editing, but also for the number of said photos: Mauricio's gallery has 16 photos, whereas only 10 were ever published on our old Models section on the website (now closed). Kap's gallery has 30, compared to 20 that were previously published on our site.

Kap's details
Name: Kap
Age: 20
Birth place: Manresa, Spain
Height: 173 cm / 5’6”
Weight: 62 kg / 136.6 lbs
Shoe size: 42.5 EU / 9 US

Mauricio's details
Name: Mauricio
Age: 24
Birth place: Lima, Peru
Height: 180 cm / 5’11”
Weight: 74 kg / 163 lbs
Shoe size: 44 EU / 10.5 US

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